Candy Cane colored Holiday Decor & Interiors…

Tis’ the Season. It’s in full swing now with the hustle & bustle of the holiday shopping. I came across some neat red & white holiday interiors, a red & white Xmas wedding & red & white interior designs. Indulge…
Usually I’m not a fan of white and red for weddings. But I really like the way this was styled.
This could be perfect for a holiday party.
I love how they didn’t stop the tablescape decor at eye level & brought the attention to the ceiling decor.
Placing smaller trees on pedestals make them feel more substantial than they are.
Here’s a gingerbread themed candy buffet. Notice all the fine details.
Everything looks better in apothecary jars. I have them in my bathroom for cotton swabs etc.
A Red feather wreath over the mantle with styrofoam glitter cones. I especially dig how they used heeled stockings. Only a true stiletto wearing fashionista would do that.
The cones are easy to make. Stop at any dollar store and get spray adhesive, the cones & glitter. Place them on candle holders for height. A very inexpensive crafty project that would be great for kids.
I love how they hung ribbon & ornaments from the lighting fixture.
bright bazaar
Here’s another idea for ornaments. Take a frame and remove the glass. Use fabric as a backing and tie ribbon thru the loops on ornaments for a nice little wall cluster (using complimentary colors or schemes work better but you get the idea with the above pic).
Miami Home & Decor
I lovvvve this look. It’s so modern and stylish.
Miami Home & Decor
Black wooden blinds. Contemporary lighting pendents. Architectural wall interest. That wall is such a focal point. It creates all sorts of visual interest.
This bathroom reminds me of a racecar track.
designed by David Bromstad
Believe it or not, this episode of Color Splash was an outdoor area. This looks better than some people’s interior. A faux fireplace with candles where the “fire” would be is something I talked about in my wall decor post. It gives the wall so much character.
designed by Candice Olson
A rec room designed by my idol. I sure want to curl up there & watch a movie. What about you?

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