Color Connection: Feeling Blue?…

 Indulge in these designs & the usage of different shades of blue.
Cool silver and gray tones with the blue. Notice the book ends match the palette.
The way the room is painted really breaks up the space nicely. I feel if the entire room were all blue, this would have a totally different feeling and it would be way too heavy. Using more beige in the furniture selection is a smart move and it gives a warmer feel than having stark white everything. In this case, the different chairs also works because it’s in the same color family.
you know, I’m really diggin’ office spaces with huge vision/inspiration boards. I’m not a fan of the wallpaper but I do like the way they tied the colors from it, into the toss pillows, pottery & other small details. Putting the chandelier in the office glams it up a notch. I also like how this office desk isn’t the typical kind you see in stores. It’s like a beautifully designed console table and just used as a desk. I’m a firm believer in if you see something you love, it doesn’t have to be used for it’s intended purpose. By having a wall unit, it provides the necessary storage needed without cluttering the work space area.
The dark hardwood floors, zebra rugs, tufted ottomans, the wall paint that looks like candy….everything about this room I love. I think it’s also neat to pair two sofas back to back to create ample seating and seperate conversation areas.
Miami Home & Decor
This marble & glass mosaic tiled bathroom is divine. I love this Kohler made infinite tub. It allows you to completely submerge yourself as the water falls over the edge.
Miami Home & Decor
This is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know about you but this tub is on my wish list. One day in life….a girl can dream right?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna Frasca says:

    The blue is very striking. Love the blue/silver combo – very classy!

    What do you have on green, my favorite color 🙂


    1. Hi. Thanks for commenting. I haven’t done an entry on green yet but I’ve been compiling some pics of grass green decor so real soon. 🙂


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