Purple Hued Holiday Decor and Design Inspirations…

Amoroso Design contemporary living roomcontemporary living room design by san francisco interior designer Amoroso Design
As I’ve mentioned many times before, my second favorite color next to black is purple. I like lavender & lilac hues as well. It’s the scent that’s used for aromatherapy & said to alleviate anxiety and helps with the quality of sleep. It’s also calming on the eyes. Gorgeous for toddler girls and just as feminine for grown adults. Now when it comes to holiday decorating I’m all for stepping outside of the typical color palettes. How about purple w/gold accents or purple & silver? Check out some of these designs & Indulge…
p.s. Someone can buy me that beautifully upholstered chair & the tufted chaise lounge above. I’ve been good all year 😉
How fun!! The gold tones in the rug and wallpaper really compliments the tree. All the presents and greeting cards in the same hues makes this look cohesive and not all over the place.
Ok, first, this tree is to die for. Ever since I was little, I always wanted a tree like that with cobalt blue ornaments. Well……..I got my blue ornaments. I  went years of spraying my tree every season with that stuff they sell in home improvement stores but it always left a sour smell which I hated esp living in a 1 bedroom apartment. So I since stopped. I DID see once on tv that spray painting it w/white spray paint gives that effect as well. I haven’t tried it but if you have, leave a comment and let me know how that works out. One day though, I will purchase a tree just…like…this. Except, way fuller.
This looks like a nice charger plate with one of those decorative paper plates that they make nowadays with classier & modern designs.
You know how I feel about tree branches (if you don’t see here where I show u how to decorate with them). Glitter branches are so festive for the holidays and it really makes you think of snow when done in white. Laying a few branches in the middle of a table with ornaments & candles sporadically placed is a very simple centerpiece solution.
I love symmetry in rooms. You can take a knife and slice it right in half and its virtually identical on both sides.
Adore Home Magazine
The plush velvet couch is perfect for sinking yourself into while drinking hot chocolate on a cold winters night.
Bold dramatic statements eclectic bedroom
eclectic bedroom design by los Angeles interior designer Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

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