Celeb Style: Lauren Conrad…Feminine Glam

UrbanExpressions on Etsy

When I see Lauren Conrad, she’s always so girly and put together. She can have on the most basic attire but something about her style  & aura screams feminine, girly, dainty and glam. We’ve seen bits and pieces of her home when she was on THE HILLS but here’s my interpretation of what I think someone like her would have.

my collage of or Lauren's style

I envision light color pastel palettes and soft muted hues with elegant fabrics like sheer, lace & chenille. I envision wall dividers in a corner of her room with beautiful cocktail dresses hung on plush hangers and displayed over the screens. I see tons of fashion magazines and books with pretty paperback covers stacked in numerous piles and laid horizontally and vertically on shelves. Many artifacts and odds & ends adorn the shelves from her many travels around the country and the world. I picture stacks of hat boxes….not that I see her using them for hats but more for pictures, keepsakes & just solely the beauty of having them stacked on top one another.


I can visualize a mirrored vanity area where pretty stationary & engraved pens rest. She wouldn’t have a jewelry amoire for she feels the pieces of art should be displayed. I can see them cascading out of small bedazzled boxes and hung over mannequins and even the mirror itself.

as seen on La Vita Dolce

Pearls, cocktail rings, delicate necklaces with simple charms. I see flowers, many many flowers, in all sorta vases. I see trunks and suitcases. Crystals glistening in the light from chandaliers, faux fur throws and rugs. I see pretty soaps in a bowl, cotton swabs & bath salts in jars, an assortment of sponges and plush towels. Spacious kitchen with a coffee maker as the only appliance visible. A reading nook or bench area underneath a large window. I’m sure there would be tons of pillows and a couch thats inviting and comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Ottomons and chairs for the many shindigs and affairs. I see a lot. Through out this entry, I featured pictures that kind of captures the essence of Lauren’s style. Wallpapers eclectic home office


 Chandaliers aren’t only for the dining room…

Adore Home Magazine

Displaying baubles in little dishes on a desk is one of the key things you can do when creating a feminine glam styled room. Some things are just too pretty to stay hidden behind a box.


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