Color Connection: Mocha and Earthy Hues…

Turnberry Master Bedroom modern bedroom

My living room is black & various shades of brown. My last apartment allowed me to paint so I painted an accent wall chocolate. It created such a drastic transformation. I wish this apartment allowed me the leisure of painting 😦 Here are some beautifully designed mocha & earth toned hues that gave me all sorts of visualgasms when I laid eyes on them. Indulge…

Bedroom modern bedroom 

 I came across the above designs on  I absolutely love how they created a headboard & continued the look onto the ceiling. The recessed lighting really sets this focal point off. I love how the first pic’s headboard is oversized and doubles as wall art with its abstract design.  Below is another monochromatic mocha bedroom filled with different textures to prevent the space from looking bland & boring.
Master Bedroom eclectic bedroom

(pls overlook the font size…for some odd reason it changed & won’t change back) Here they took inspiration from the greenery by incorporating the color in the toss pillows. It’s actually something I considered in giving my space a splash of color since I have a few faux palm plants & giant leaves along with the color being present in some of my art. Still debating though, I am leaning more toward turquoise.

HGTV’s Kim Myles

Again, another creative headboard, this time using pebbles enclosed in wooden molding. I’m all for symmetry in spaces so the placement of the hanging lamps are a nice touch.

Very modern and masculine.


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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I find that I’m inspired by food more and more these days now that I’m watching what I eat. The irony…


    1. it’s always like that!!! Good luck with it though and thanks for commenting. I was going to do a post about chocolate hues but put it on the backburner then I seen yours and had to do one, lol.


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