Pink Holiday Inspirations…
Nothing screams modern & cutesy than a pink Christmas tree.  Just like the vintage Barbie post may have inspired you in designing your space with pink interiors, this will surely have the girly girls everywhere ready to update their holiday decor & trees. Sit back & indulge in this uber feminine hue.
Now I don’t exactly expect anyone to paint their door and window sills. But take a cue from the picture & place presents under the tree sticking with pink monochromatic wrapping paper. The varying shades makes it a little more interesting. Instead of your basic bows, use ribbon & add ornaments to them.
I especially love tree skirts made of luxurious fabrics. It adds glamour.

Here the tree is pink with bronze & leucite colored ornaments. Another way to make your tree interesting is different size bulbs. I like the way the ornaments resemble bubbles. It reminds me of a bubble bath.


I truly wish I had a bigger scale version of this tree but to place stiletto pumps on it? Super cool. Now they added so much that you can barely see the tree, which isn’t my ideal taste but I do love how layered this is. They added everything under the sun from pearl balls to tons of ribbon. I can totally envision this in some stylish lady’s bedroom suite next to the vanity area. This really goes to show you, the holidays is all about your interpretation. What does this time really mean for you? What are some of your indulgences and things you cherish? Incorporate them into the space. Never box yourself up, imagine and explore…

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  1. I may add some pink to my christmas decor this year! Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. No problem…nice chatting on twitter!


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