Holiday Inspirations: Peacocks…


I’m all for unconventional ways of decorating for the holidays. Long are the days of having to stick with a palette of red, white and green. Nowadays any color of the rainbow and then some, can be used to decorate for the holidays. It’s about thinking outside of the box and letting your imagination run. I have a thing for feathers and peacocks as I’ve mentioned before in This Post. Here are some fun ways to decorate for the holiday using jeweled toned hues & peacocks as an inspiration. Indulge….

Here are some ornaments you can get and I know for fact Pier 1 has some as well.

This tree has a ton of feathers (in my opinion, a little too much). It looks like they decorated a peacock instead of a tree but still pretty none the less.

I adore this table setting. It’s gorgeous and so festive. Notice how they took a peacock feathered wall wreath and placed it around a vase filled with ornaments. Such a simple centerpiece but it makes a big statement.

Here’s an example of how the peacock theme looks lit. They have actual birds on theirs. If you plan to duplicate this look, don’t just stop with blue, green, purple hued ornaments. Think feathers, ribbon (use a 40% off coupon at Michael’s or Jo-Ann fabric from the Sunday’s paper), glittered acorns, even Mardi Gras beads.

What nontraditional ways do you decorate your tree?

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