Restaurant Indulgences…

Browsing the web today I came across a commercial/residential interior designer by the name of Tracie Butler. She’s done a number of hot spots in Cali as well as Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso. See below for Beso’s interior as well as some other designs worth indulging in. ( Click photos to enlarge.

Lighting does wonders…

This is a real chill kind of spot.

I actually did something similar to the dining room wall of a client of mine except I didn’t put as many as this. I like the illuminating effect this has.


Now this above as well as the ones below are other project’s Tracie has worked on. I especially love these huge lit disk dangling from the ceiling.  Often times people abadon the ceiling and tho this is a commercial space, I feel it draws the eyes up and creates a  unique focal point.

There goes my zebra trend again!! I heart all things zebra. The usage of wall mirrors makes spaces appear much bigger than they already are.


Now how’s this for a dancefloor?

Another thing I love is tufted upholstery. Never have I seen a tufted ceiling medallion. Very unexpected.

A modern living/dining space.  Notice how the fabric on the sofa is similar to the wallpaper. By repeating the shape, it pulls everything together. Of course you don’t want to go overboard with matchy matchy patterns but subtle repeated similarities make all the difference.

Now this is my favorite. I love hardwood or laminate wood flooring but my personal preference for bedrooms is plush, sink-your-toes-into-it carpeting. This makes me want to lounge right on the floor with a platter of cheese, grapes and a bottle of wine.

What a huge master suite. To have your own private living room…one can dream right? LOL

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