Winter Indulgences: Smores…

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been having a major craving for smores. Funny thing about it, I don’t recall ever tasting them before. Not even as a child, but whenever I come across pictures online, I crave them. Smores making isn’t limited to campfires & girls/boys scouts. If you have a firepit, or, even a microwave & stove, you can create them.  This is especially perfect for those cold brutal nights when you wanna just watch movies. How about a game night? This could be a fun way to entertain kids or guest. See below to be inspired…


When laying out the ingredients for the smores, pay attention to the little details like presentation. These clear cubed vases can be bought from dollar tree.

Don’t just use typical milk chocolate. Venture into different kinds of candy bars and graham crackers to twerk the taste a bit.
This website even took it up a notch by making different flavored marshmellows. Coconut & nuts were some additional topping choices.
This is a nice way to leave favors for guest to take home with them.

Firepits, stoves and microwaves aren’t the only ways to roast marshmellows. Below are several options you can purchase that are easy to sit on the table. (Above they set the grills inside a bin with river rocks to give it that real outdoorsy vibe).
Hibachi grills take Sterno, charcoal, or a candle. A candle is said to be fine but clearly not as  powerful as a charcoal flame. These run for $23
These go for $39
ace hardware
Or you can settle on a $4 tabletop grill.

Happy Toasting!!

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