Celeb Style: Nicki Minaj It’s Barbie B*…

My Barbie Inspired Collage

With the emergence of female emcee Nicki Minaj, kids, tweens & young adults have been falling back in love with all things Barbie related.  


Nicki Minaj


Here are some fun party ideas and interior designs I’ve stumbled across that would surely bring out the girlie girl in you. Click on the pictures to enlarge. *cues* I’m a Barbie girrrrrl in a Barbie worrrrrld….Remember that song? LOL.

This was a cute window display from city-data.com & it’s exactly where I pulled inspiration for the collage above with the tufted chairs & ottomans, zebra rug & chandeliers.


The above Parisian/vintage Barbie room is beyond adorable.

Notice the different types of furniture. It’s not a set just painted in black & white and the room still looks put together.
Black baskets with damask lining makes for some swanky storage.

I’m not even a pink person but I love this room. The architectural details from the crown moldings and the fireplace to using the huge ottoman as a surface (something I talked about in my Repurposing Post )

This above look is so classy & mature but replacing the art on the walls with vintage Barbie photos can give you just enough without feeling like a teenager.



I don’t believe this picture is of real furniture however I love the art & wallpaper.



I love all things houndstooth and the bookshelves are a unique way to display shoes. Afterall, they ARE works of art and why hide them in the closet when you can display them in a creative fashion?



This kitchen is for someone not afraid of color. Hot pink painted cabinets in a satin finish with black hardware & granite countertops. This look would be even better with black roman shades or wooden blinds & black chandelier.


 This kitchen simply has pink backsplash but it still makes a statement. Below you find the creations of Jonathan Adler & celebrity event planner Colin Cowie (who I personally adore). Excellent attention to detail in honor of Barbie’s 50th Bday/Anniversary Bash held in Malibu Cali.






How fun are these chairs below? They kind of remind me of a comic book.


If  you were throwing this type of bash, line the entry way with pink carpet & velvet ropes. Go to your local fabric store and find some Barbie themed fabric and create a wall where the kids or party goers can pose and take pictures.

 A beautiful tiered ice sculpture as the focal point of this candy buffet.

Can you make out what’s on the back wall of the bar?

A wall of Barbie’s. Too creative for its own good, lol.


Check out the lil Barbie combs under the glass.  Did you realize the roses are “pumps”?


Now if you’re looking for invitations that will truly set the tone, this is an example of what can be done. I found this picture on Etsy by the maker “Andersruff” (unfortunately it’s sold out).


 To avoid appearing too childish create a chic modern flare by using solid colored square paper plate products vs Barbie themed ones.Try to keep the desert and beverages in shades of pink. This works great for candy buffets and bars and whenever signature drinks are served, it makes the party that much more special. For a tween’s party, I would suggest putting their pink hued punch (or pink lemonade) in plastic wine glasses that can be purchased from Dollar Tree or Factory Card Outlet. Little girls love pretending to be adults so this sort of theme could even double as a fun dress up party complete with a fashion show.  For adults, use real glassware & serve pink panties. Add pink rock candy skewers for mixers on all drinks. You definitely want to have a cupcake tower. (Look up the recipe for pink lemonade ones and if you make them, send me some). 😉


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  1. Nettie says:

    I love your blog and Im a huge barbie fan myself =).


    1. thanks so much! This was one of my fav post I’ve done so far. Glad you like.


  2. lesley says:



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