Zebra Indulgences…


My living room has an african safari sorta theme to it. I have some african masks, animal prints & accents in different places. One thing I want more of is zebra prints. Take a look at some neat ways to incorporate them in a space without overdoing it.

Pink Pretty Lilly Lover


Now I’ve seen the risers of stairs painted different colors but never something in a pattern. I LOVE this look.
Noticing a trend w/zebra accents & peach/coral hues…
I just love a symmetrical room…everything from the table lamps to the windows are all exactly alike.
You don’t have to repeat zebra everywhere, you can simply repeat the colors and it will still bring the look together…
Decor Pad
Xmas is coming up. Someone feel free to fed ex me these ottomans. I’ve been good all year. Thanks in advance…lol…

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