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Hey y’all…Sorry for the delay. My week started with a strange cold. I had flu-like symptoms minus coughing & sneezing and end up leaving my 8-5 and calling in the following morning, something I rarely do. On top of that, I’ve been very busy. A friend of the family has a daughter who is getting married and they are seeking my “designpertise” (AYE, I’ve never heard that phrase before so if you steal it, give credit, LOL). Now, I’ve never done any major event with the exception of my cousin’s anniversary party which I talked about here  http://wp.me/p1b5jY-3f . For that I did the head table decor with rose balls & tons of rose petals & candles

Rose balls I created for my cousin’s annvrsy party
my roseball creations

the table with the wishing well tree & framed seating charts.

wishing well tree I created

For this wedding? I’m required to do the outside entry, outside courtyard/tent area, inside lobby, candy buffet (if u don’t know what that is see https://designindulgences.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/dessert-and-candy-buffets ….), 16 cabaret tables, the table linen, chair covers & sashes & centerpieces with real flowers all visually pleasing for 390 guests. *wipes sweat from forehead* I’m nervous as I’m a 1 woman show but I’m very excited. Also thankful. The client said she loved what I done with my parents rec room and the anniversary party and she’s confident I will execute her daughters wishes….and THAT I will do. The wedding is April 30th so for the next 5 or so months, that will be my “baby”.

I’m still finishing up decor for my sis n law’s baby shower which will be Dec 5th. On top of that, I’m in the process of remodeling my parents kitchen with the help of my brother. He’s like my contractor LOL. Today I selected the ceramic floor tiles & glass backsplash from HOBO. The other day I picked out this quartz undermount countertop from Home Depot in “African Red”.

The paint for the cabinets has already been picked. Now we just have to get the hardware & get started. I can’t wait as this is kind of my first renovation that I’m really getting hands on with. For our parents rec room there was a lot of demolition with horrid wood paneling, old drop ceiling, really lame flooring…it was awful

Before Look at my parent’s rec room…dreadful
mid way process of my parents rec room

 But my brother did all the work for that. I just selected finishes & the did the design part of the project.

After Look of my parent’s rec room that I created
I love the way I decorated this bookshelf
I wish they installed recessed lighting for the wall niche

For the kitchen, he will be showing me how to put up backsplash. The painting & changing of hardware is all me too so, it’s much more labor. But, I live for this stuff!!

So again, sorry for the lack of updates this week.  I feel like I’ve let some of you readers down, whoever y’all might be. Some of you never speak. Leave a comment. Say something…I’ll respond 🙂

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  1. Farlace Blake says:

    Hi Miya, Love, love what you did with your parents rec room! You should have your own show…. (hear that HGTV)! 🙂

    Take care Chica,
    Cyber-Sis, Farlace


    1. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by & showing support. You know I hear all the time the HGTV comments. That would be something huh if I did get one. Talk to you later.


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