Autumn Hued Designs…


HGTV’s Rate My Space user “wallscouture”

I love the fashion around this time with layering pieces, knee-high boots &  cashmere, tweed, & wool fabric. I love the change of leaves that I’m blessed to see living in Wisconsin. One of my favorite colors during this time of year is burnt orange.  It’s the color of the sunset. When used, you create a really warm inviting space. Here are some fabulous designs from around the web for your viewing pleasure. Indulge…


I love this outdoor patio space above. It completely utilizes all floor space and provides many seating options. People fail to look at their outdoor space as an extension of their home. Look at it as extra square footage that you have and don’t be afraid to decorate that space, whether you have a yard or just a balcony.

HGTV’s rate my space user Delltoid

There is a section on HGTV where you can upload your very own rooms, even ones that are in NEED of design tips. This one, clearly doesn’t. I think this room is so on point. I especially love when ginormous mirrors are leaned against the wall.

All black & ivory everything with some pops of color!!

I actually plan to do a post on painting bookshelves. It’s the easiest way to make them pop. Notice the same color objects placed inside.

HGTV’s rate my space user DP_Deleon

First, check out that stone table!! How unique. I love the sheer panel divider separating the living and dining areas. It’s a nice solution when you have an open floor plan but want to have some separation between rooms.

My 1st Design Project

Last but not least, this is my very first interior design project. It was a joint effort with my brother who is a construction worker and owner of Above & Below Concepts (shameless plug, LOL). I selected the finishes from floor, paint, decor & furniture with the exception of the ceiling (he did all of that) & the two leather couches (what was salvaged from our parents flood).

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