Stix and Stones…Decorating w/Tree Branches…


Tree Branches have become all the rage over the last couple years. You see them for wedding receptions during the holidays when couples want to create something magical & winter wonderlandish. You see them during the fall months when tablescapes are lined up with branches & faux leaves. A new trend is the wishing well tree, something I created for my cousin’s 10th anniversary party this past July. A wishing well tree is basically another form of a guestbook except instead of signing a book, people write notes on pieces of paper and hang the notes on the branches as a keepsake for the couple. Wishing well trees aren’t limited to weddings and anniversary parties, you can also have them for showers (bridal, wedding, baby) or even birthday parties. How about a get well wishing tree for someone battling an illness who’s stuck in a hospital room? Your entire family could write notes sure to lift the loved ones spirits and leave a little bit of “décor eye candy” for their room. The possibilities are endless.

For my cousin’s wishing well tree, I ordered the branches online. These sites & have a wide variety to choose from. However real branches outside can work as well, and best thing about those are, they’re FREE!!! Perfect for a budgetnista. Below you’ll find a wide variety of trees to indulge in.

P.S. I’m creating one for my sister n law’s upcoming baby shower. I’m spray painting real branches (from an area park) black. (The shower colors are pink, hot pink black/white) 🙂 

The first pic from the link above, looks like blue moss and I love it!!!! I also love how the other tree appears to have pedals falling off the tree as if the wind is blowing them off. I believe they used fishing line to create this look.


This is look is fairly inexpensive to recreate. Simple Dollar Tree vases, one stem bought online or branches from your yard, 50 cent or $1 ribbon from Michaels and craft paper from them. The most effort? Time. The time it takes to cut the craft paper in the desired size or shape and weaving the ribbon through them. It’s not about the price you pay but the creativity to make an impact. bridal buds
here comes the guide

here comes the guide


I adored Carrie Underwood’s wedding décor. The ginormous floral ball and the way they decorated the bark on the trees created an enchanted forest theme.   


Bridal Guide
get married
Get Married

 This is just colorful and fun to me.  Looks like something you would see in Miami.  

Get Married

 What a beautiful arrangement and even better backdrop.  


the wishing well tree I created for my cousin’s anniversary party

 Last but not least, this is what I created. I purchased the branches online (forgive me for not remembering website) & because they are natural branches, I was told exact size may vary so I was a bit disappointed when some were way smaller than I envisioned. I made tissue paper pom poms to look like flowers & moss in an urn discounted at Stein’s Gardens & Gifts because it was chipped in the back 😉 I think for the first time, I did a great job. It was held at the Sheraton 4 points Hotel in Brown Deer, WI (right outside Milwaukee) & even the hotel staff wanted it after the party was over because it matched THEIR decor. LOL!!!


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