Dessert and Candy Buffets…


I am in the process of planning my sister in law’s baby shower. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is a candy bar. And it’s funny because I’m not really a huge candy eater, more chocolate if anything. It’s just something about having a bunch of sweets i n one setting that brings out the inner kid in people. Perfect for weddings, showers or birthday parties. What better way than to send your guests off with an edible favor. These buffets are all the rage right now & I’ve come across many gorgeous tablescape arrangements. So don’t catch a cavity while indulging in these pics.

This gorgeously Vera Wang inspired dessert bar is the perfect focal point. Actually, I’m sure this has to be in a hallway somewhere because typically the cake is the focal point of the reception. Unless this was an engagement or anniversary party. None  the less, all the tulle on the mannequin is so unique. The large mirror in the back is a nice backdrop as well.
Nice usage of different jars. Having treats at varying heights creates visual interest. This wouldn’t have the same effect if everything was placed flat on platters.

Here’s some up close pictures of the different treats on this dessert bar. I love the two centerpieces with the feathers. I let that be known in my Peacock Inspired Post.


Perfect for a kids party.
I always hear the Tiffany & Co blue & white as the color scheme for weddings & this would fit perfectly. Dont have the  jars like some of the pictures above? Simply wrap boxes in pretty paper & place the platters on those. It still looks visually interesting.
Perfect for Halloween or a Fall themed shindig. Notice all of these buffets stick with the same color scheme. When done in multi colors it doesn’t look cohesive. Instead it appears cluttered and just doesn’t look as appealing as when you stick with the same colors of the party. The kind of buffet you have is solely up to you. It does not have to be candy, or even sweets. You could have a popcorn bar with the many varieties that they have, a fondue bar, a chocolate bar, etc.
If you had one at your party, what kind of edibles would you have? & would you send me a cyber baggy full? LOL

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