Typically when we hear the word “repurposing” we immediately think about revamped furniture, pieces that were brought back to life via paint, upholstery, new hardware, etc. However repurposing can have a literal meaning as well. Ever come across an item that’s intended for one thing but you may find a new PURPOSE for it? 

Today at the hair salon this morning, my conversation w/my beautician drifted to design stuff. I’ve always noticed this cabinet but never inquired about it. So after finding out she bought it as is (I just KNEW she painted it & added new glitzy doorknobs 🙂 ), she explained it was meant for a bathroom! She purchased it from Marshalls when in search for something that would house her hair magazines & various hair products. When she didn’t find what she wanted in the home decor area, she stumbled upon this in the bathroom section. Go figure!! Here are a few other examples of things that can double as something else!



Often thought of as a way of dressing up the dining rooms & foyers only, nowadays designers & home owners are adding these light fixtures to jazz up other spaces from vanity areas, over the tub in bathroom suites, bedrooms and even master closets. What girly girl wouldn’t want this?

Click to read more & get a ton of ideas to make usage of what you already have.

Bella Designs Closet


Majority of the design projects I’ve done, I incorporated ottomons. They are good for seating when your hosting something but if you get the kind that has a lid, you can even store things inside. Similar to the baskets, its an easy way to ‘clean up’ before company arrives. Just dump everything inside, place the lid on top and viola! No one will know. It’s also good for families who have kids and don’t like the idea of their living room being cluttered with rainbow bright plastic toys.


Unhinge a divider and hang or lean them against the wall for a unconventional “headboard”.   Watch the following link of HGTV’s David Bromstad as he shows exactly how to create one.

 Food Stands

taken from Hostess with the Mostess

If you are throwing a gathering and don’t really want to purchase the platters for fear it will go unused, improvise. Use teacups and plates to form your very own cupcake stand. It’s adorable when hosting something dainty like a bridal shower or Mother’s Day brunch.  If you don’t own any formal china, thrift stores, the Goodwill & estate sales are good places to find some for cheap. If  you have more modern taste such as myself, simply use whatever square-shaped plates you have & place them on top of upside down bowls for the same effect. Just make sure the plates get smaller the higher the tier.


Some accessories for my uncle’s bathroom that I selected

Easter & gifts are the only need for baskets. I love them and in my living room I have several large ones from my favorite decor store Pier 1. I use them simply for magazines.Most times the mags overflow but its a good way contain something in a stylish way. Speaking of, smaller baskets under coffee tables can hide remote controls and putting them on shelves or in entertainment system towers can keep eyesores such as dvds, cds from sight. Put large bath towels or toilet paper in baskets for your bathroom.

For this client, I hid her dvds in the bottom basket

What I like the most about baskets, they’re affordable. If you’re thrifty, take a stroll to your nearest Goodwill and you’ll be surprised at the amount of baskets available. You can even spray paint them to fit a color scheme (will cover this in a new entry later). Michael’s, Tjmaxx & Marshalls are other good stores to get them on the low! Another reason I dig them is you can hide so much so easily, some even come with lids. No one said all your storage has to be organized to a T. It’s about keeping that chaos under control. You may know the inside is complete madness of random things that only makes sense to you but trust me, you’re guest will never know.


 You may think of books, collectables and knick knacks for the use of floating shelves but the bed, living and dining rooms aren’t the only rooms where they can be used. If you live in an apartment and don’t have much storage space, floating shelves will be perfect to line up spices, canisters, even dishes in a diner styled format. My kitchen has a stackable full load washer and dryer and a shelf on my pantry for the detergent,  etc but everyone doesn’t have the luxury of cabinetry by theirs. Placing shelves will give you additional space for cleaning supplies, laundry baskets, the iron, and things of that sort. (make sure you get the proper brackets that can hold heavier items)

Wood Doors 

taken from

I’ve seen many times on HGTV the usage of an old wooden door as a ginormous dining room table. Not my style but someone likes it!

Other Ideas…

  • Belt/Tie Hanger: doubles as a jewelry holder. I am a fashion jewelry junky. Dangly layered necklaces, bangles and ridiculously huge cocktail rings. I love them ALL! Yet, I don’t own a jewelry amoire. The belt hanger is in my closet and it’s perfect for hanging all of my necklaces and some bracelets.
  • Hat boxes: Unless you are a woman who lunches, I don’t know anyone who uses them for hats. Throw photos, postcards & other keepsakes in them. If you stack them up high enough, you can possibly have a nice little “end table”.
  • Luggage/Trunks: Not the real kind, but the decorative ones you find in Marshalls & the likes. Again, stack them on top of each other and place them in a corner on a stairwell landing, or create a table of sorts. Just add a lamp and it’s complete.

There’s endless things we can make double duty out of. Have you repurposed anything?

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