Peacock Inspired…

I created this collage on

I love jeweled tone colors and I especially love how peacock feathers and the color scheme is all the rage right now. One thing about the feather wreath in the above pic, if you’re not fond of hanging it on the wall, you could very well place it on a coffee table or dining table & place candles in the center. From events to interiors, here are some bird inspired designs. Indulge…
This is absolutely fabulous. Feathers are a cheaper alternative to real floral arrangements but they create the same major impact!! The above centerpiece also gives me mardi gras vibes. Just toss some beads on the table and this could easily convert into a fat tuesday celebration.
Read on for more fabulous pictures & ideas…

One easy way to create a cohesive look when setting up a food table is to have the same color foods & beverages.
To create the above look, purchase solid colored placemats from World Market, Pier 1 or Target, drinking glasses from Pier 1 are pretty inexpensive but sometimes you can find sets still in the boxes at TJmaxx or Marshalls. Taking turquoise satin fabric and stuffing it inside of Dollar Tree vases w/faux plum blooms from Michael’s could create the same centerpieces.
I adore these micro fiber purple dining chairs!!!
Gorgeous bouquets

A collage of a wedding reception…

This invitation is a good DIY (do-it-yourself) way to make something stand out without breaking the bank and having a professional make them. Simply print on gold paper the details, purchase the peacock feathers from Etsy (do a search, there’s an abundance of places to get bags of feathers) and place on brown mat. Gorgeous.

Honestly I dont remember where I found this picture as it was save months before I started the blog but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show it. Recreating this place setting can get very expensive if using real china and for a lot of ppl, however sam’s club and target has disposable products that LOOK real. Go to

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