Purple Rain


taken from Homeinfurniture.com

Purple…it’s my 2nd favorite color next to black. It’s royal, it’s rich & needless to say, as I type this entry I have Prince in my head. 🙂  While at my 8-5 today, I overheard a conversation my coworker’s were having about their fondness of the color but not wanting to use it in their own space for fear of seeming too childish. I can see how one may make that connection however when done correctly, the color can enrich a space. One thing about designing, you should carry a certain element through out the space. The above pic uses the damask print on the walls as well as pillows.  The chrome & mirrored accents really set it off.

taken from trendszine

I adore how the designer did the walls on this above pic.  It’s probably wallpaper but its great in my eyes. I’m not a huge fan of stripes but I would luv this in my apt somewhere. If you’re on the wimpy side and not quite ready to make a bold statement such as purchasing a sofa or painting a wall, you can always add purple accents in decor.

taken from cocomale.com

Bits and pieces like vases, flowers, book ends, and pillows are easy ways to give a room a pop of color. 

Below are more fab grown & sexy interior designs using different hues & shades of the color purple as well as two unique lighting fixtures that can almost pass for jewelry. Indulge…

taken from trendszine
taken from patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com
taken from patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com
taken from homes interior
taken from homes interior

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