Closet Turned Office Spaces

Closet Desk Offices
So often times many of us start off on our own in apartments or dorm rooms. As we all know, most lack a lot of floor room and storage. So we need to try to maximize the space we DO have as much as possible.  It takes a bit of thinking outside the box but converting an unused closet into an office area is a great idea.
Basically u remove the rods that you have inside, unhinge the doors and insert a physical desk or add the shelving. Pull up a chair, add a pendent light or desk lamp and there you have it.
Make Use of ALL Space
If you plan to have the area visible at all times from the room, consider adding pretty wallpaper or painting the wall so that the shelving and items on them pop. The above pic is a bit country for my taste but a mocha colored wall w/black shelves, a black desk/chair & white baskets & accessories w/silver accents would be a nice modern approach.  But notice how they utilized all of the space including the backs of the doors to hang crafting supplies & tools, paperwork etc.

Message Area
For this computer rendered example, they used magnetic paint to look like chalkboard and it’s suppose to hold up papers etc w/magnets. Now I’ve never tried it before and I hear pros and cons a lot about it. I’ve heard you have to put a ton of coats in order for the magnets to really work and that sometimes they don’t hold up heavier objects. So another option is hanging canvas, cork, magnetic or dry erase boards separately (like the pic below). I call those “message boards”. I’ve done one for one of my clients (little boys and they loved it) but I will be doing a post about that later 😉


 I really admire how this person took the doors off the hinges and created a softer feel by hanging drapery to close off the area. I also like the way the walls are painted a neutral tone but the office area is a bright vibrant yellow. If you know your colors, you know they evoke moods and we all need some energy when working on homework, work work, etc so I’m assuming that’s the reason for selecting such a color.

How cool is it that they used such a neat color scheme: pink, white and gray. I’m not a huge fan of pink (actually not at all) but I love it with darker hues like the ever popular pink and chocolate or pink black and white. This gray isn’t as jarring as black and creates a nice feminine touch. Adding a disco ball is clever too. Notice they didn’t skimp on painting the closet walls.

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