So Cal & Palm Springs Dreamin’…which outdoor space would you pick?


Maybe it’s because my birthday (virgo season) is just around the corner. (I hope it comes slow as I want the summer to feel longer than 3 months). It’s about that time for me to start planning my annual trip. Usually I go to Chicago but last year I celebrated in Atlanta. This year I want to go somewhere I’ve never been and I’m thinking out west. I’ve never been to Cali and although Palm Springs isn’t where I will be going, I keep dreaming of it ever since I posted on flamingos.


The palm trees, the sun, the pools, the laziness of the days is what I’m craving. I may not end up in California but for now, let’s pretend I will. Actually let’s pretend I had a vacay home there. I’d be on the fence on how I would decorate the outdoors whether I want the pool and sky colors sprinkled throughout in turquoise and green hues or if I want a chic classic like black and white stripes with hot pink splattered all around.


Which outdoor space do you like best? I like both a whole lot but….the classic modern one is really calling my name. Now if only I had unlimited funds and an actual vacay home…..

{Items from the first image here & second here.}

Miami home tour with a modern sky blue twist


This is pretty much what I think of when I think of Miami penthouses in the sky. The monochromatic color of water with lacquered furnishings and modern lines is quite beautiful.




This mirror is everything…



This is what I thought all furniture would look like after year 2000. Growing up, I thought by now we’d all dress futuristic in silver like TLC, have cars that fly and just very curvy and odd shaped furniture. Don’t judge me. But this would have fit my vision. I like the metallic wallpaper throughout and what was done with the column as well.

{Designed by Carlo Rampazzi with more images here}

If I could change 1 Thing about this living room…



You ever see a room you love but there’s one thing that irks your soul or something you don’t favor? Well usually I won’t blog about a room I dislike. I use this blog to compile all ideas I do enjoy and if a space isn’t my aesthetic, I may pinpoint what I DO like but I try not to be negative and slam anyone’s design if I dislike because design is subjective. There are times I see a room and won’t blog about it because I am sick of sea urchins in decor. But the room is too fab not to…so I decided on a new series “If I could change 1 thing”….

With that said, this room is nice. Love the pillows and how the turquoise compliments the leopard. What I would change? The rug. I am down for mixing patterns but with the sofa, rug and art…I feel it’s too much competing for attention. I like them separate but not together so I would keep the art and sofa & opt for a rug with more of a subtle design. What would you change?

Friday’s Fabulous Floors: chevron stained wood, geometric painted, Moroccan tiled, checkerboard etc


The above entry designed by Thom Filicia brought something to my attention. I love a bold floor. It draws your eyes through out the space and makes major impact. Certainly not for everyone but I can appreciate it. But I already knew that. It just made me realized I’ve gather quite a few fab floor images into my Pinterest archives. So I decided to add something new to the old series of mine. Indulge…





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Color Schemes Xmas Edition: Aqua and Silver Winter Wonderland

I recently  had a conversation with a friend who is having a debate with her husband about holiday color schemes. He wants blue and green but it reminds her of her school colors. She also feels it’s not Christmas-see enough if she doesn’t have red. So I started thinking of beautiful holiday schemes that aren’t traditional. The Winter Wonderland is exactly the kind of scheme that makes me feel totally in the mood. You can even add hot pink or fire engine red to the turquoise hues for a pop of color. Love the ribbon and disco balls and ornaments in urns looks…

A lot of the decor can be done on a budget. Branches from the yard spray painted can create a nice tablescape, ribbon by the roll can be purchased from Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabric and you can use their weekly 40% off coupons in the paper. You can also get random mirrors from thrift stores of the Goodwill and spray paint the frames for mantle decorating. Dollar stores usually carry cone-shaped styrofoam that you can cover in glitter…

{images via The Lennoxx, Ehome, Fox Hollow Cottage & Belle Maison}

Grays is a neutral hue that looks fabulous when paired w/any color…

{via Lori Graham Design}
So yesterday was quite dreary and the other night we had thunderstorms (which I live for). But while commuting to work I noticed how lovely the tops of trees look against the gray sky. Made me think how many colors gray can be paired with. As much as black is my fav color, I feel gray is neutral enough but dark enough to make saturated hues pop. Just look…the above design I love. The black and white is ever so classic, but the pop of georgia peach is even better. The gray looks good with both tones…
{via my Pinterest}

I’ll take this chandelier for $200 Alex….

{via Birch & Bird}
Love burnt orange for fall and this modern decor is it. Velvety sofa? Perfect for autumn. By no means am I suggesting to switch your main pieces of furniture with the seasons because that’s expensive & just ridiculous. This image just screams fall to me….

Cranberry & gray is a much better pairing than black and reds because gray is less jarring…

Beautiful contrast between the gray & turquoise. You know me, I love my TURQ hues…

A nice little tufted gray and camel KITCHEN NOOK….

This dandelion chandelier & the BLUSH hued pinks that we seen in Jennifer Lopez’s home is so girlie. But I still love THIS vintage gray & pink room the best…

{Adore Home Mag styled by fellow design blogger Ashlina Kaposta}

I love this look. It’s a little unexpected for me. When I think of grays I usually pair it with silvers and gun-metal. At least in wardrobe so to see it with gold and bronze accents is a nice surprise. I love BAR CARTS. Even if you don’t entertain, it looks so stylish to have your “spirits” on deck in such a fancy way.

A bright taxi cab yellow & gray color scheme…reminds me of THIS inspiration from nature. That backsplash is very bold. I wouldn’t suggest that if you’re planning on selling your home soon (unless you don’t mind changing it) as you will certainly limit the buyer pool. You want to stay as neutral as possible. (For more designing for resale tips, see THIS). However if you plan to stay awhile, I would completely personalize the space too…

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Color Schemes: Mint & White…

I’ve mentioned before how TURQUIOSE hues are my favorite summer colors and I’ve been seeing a ton of minty inspirations. How about a color scheme of mint & white? Totally fresh & airy. Tufted ottomans like the one above are good for additional seating but when TRAYS are placed on top, they double as tables. The chevron print rug & pillows are the perfect contrast. You don’t have to use pink or red when decorating with black and white…

{House of Turquoise}

This seems like a cozy retreat on a lazy bum Sunday. The wall paint gives the room color without being overbearing…

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Color Schemes: Coral & Turquoise…Peach & Tiffany Blue…

Sometimes you come across a picture that sparks a color combo that you might want to use in your home. I’ve always loved the color turquoise and the coral hue for summer. What better way than to combine them both. Typically seen in jewelry, it makes for a fresh Spring feel to an interior space…


Jazz up any shelving unit by painting or wallpapering the backs…

{the Lennoxx}

Peach hued ceiling and tiffany blue painted molding…

{designed by Lindsey Coral Harper}

These Chinese Chippendale chairs are everywhere nowadays. The coral lining the table runner and seahorse framed art really makes this a coastal feel…

{El(living) CE(concept)

This nursery is such a nontraditional color scheme but it works well for a boy or girl. Very gender friendly and the chevron patterned rug anchors the room…

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