To view my personal design portfolio, please click HERE.

14 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Awesome Site!
    One of my Sisters in Christ sent me this web site.
    I’m so impress! I’m a Florida resident who enjoy decor!
    My passion is setting the dinner table.
    Keep up the great work!


  2. I have navigated several sites about homes but this is more appealingโ€” no clutter, straight forward and having all the vital stuff any visitor would be interested in. That’s the way to go
    M.Tamale, Kampala-Uganda


  3. Thank you for pulling all of this together!! I am so inspired! I recently graduated from college and I am completely updating my first home on a budget so I’m doing everything myself. I have an obsession with pink & black! I have a pink & gray room with silver accents where possible (chandelier, knobs, ect). I’ve always enjoyed decorating, but I never thought I would obsess over a project like this. I love your site! Thank you again for inspiration!


  4. Love your blog! Oh how I adore the upholstered headboard and teal accents. Now I’m inspired to get my “DIY Diva” on. Marvelous job on the tablescape. You go girl!


  5. Great collection you have compiled! I am enthralled with anything Moorish! I recently became one of your followers on twitter @MoorishSaint. You definitely have an eye for beauty!


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