Sour apple plush restaurant seating…


I am not a fan of olive green but in a plush material like velvet or microfiber and combined with a luxe color palette of black, gold and white, the color can look so regal.



Love the details and lattice like design over the bar which is echoed in the pendant lighting. The walls are absolutely pretty. It looks like gold tinted mirrored molding.

{Photo by Gareth Gardner for yatzer & designed by Shh Architects}

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Hotel Indulgences: The Ganesvoort NY


So I have been meaning to blog about The Gansevoort Hotel in New York ever since watching The Kardashians take NYC. I remember drooling over the ginormous houndstooth chairs and the mix of patterns, textures and the glamorous look of … Continue reading

Hotel Indulgences: Prahran in Melbourne Australia


The restaurant design in this hotel is amazing. The circular concept is made out of concrete pipes. That’s right….pipes, the kind you see at roadside construction sites ready to be lowered in the ground. Except…these are used for dining pleasures. This industrial look if offset with leather tufted booths and timber wood wall paneling. So much architectural detail is sure to be a conversation starter for all diners.


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Restaurant Indulgences: Park Ave NYC…

Ever see a restaurant that changes it’s interior based on the season? Well, welcome to Park Avenue NY. Captain James Cook’s travels are used as a loose design reference. They looked at the regions he had visited as a way of framing each season. For example, winter as seen above, pays homage to Cook’s adventures in the Antartic Circle. I remember as a kid I used to want to go to Antartica just to say I went. But living in Milwaukee where our winters are artic enough, I decided I’m good. LOL.

The floral blooms and grass in the plants screams SPRING which happens to be my favorite season.

Warm yellow hues brighten up the space like the sunny days of summer…

The bronze hue is picking up on the rustic woods of autumn with fallen dead leaves and bare branches…This is my favorite of the looks.


Restaurant Indulgences…

Browsing the web today I came across a commercial/residential interior designer by the name of Tracie Butler. She’s done a number of hot spots in Cali as well as Eva Longoria’s restaurant Beso. See below for Beso’s interior as well as some other designs worth indulging in. ( Click photos to enlarge.

Lighting does wonders…

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