My DIY collabo with MagnaMagic magnetic paints

I recently collaborated with USA manufactured MagnaMagic to jazz up a piece of furniture my client had. Some may know but since January I’ve been working with an old client on her new home. It will be a 6 month project and multiple rooms. So far I’ve completed the little girls room which I will share soon and the teen boy’s room. We’ve made progress in living room purchases and finally got the rec room in order but I’m not quite finished with the rec room. There are some odd areas that expose some unsightly things like water heaters, etc that I want to hide. The rec room will be used  by the kids primarily and I wanted to inject color without painting the walls. This is where fabric choices and décor comes in play. When my client showed me this picture frame divider, she asked me was there anything I could use it for. I knew I was going to paint it so when MagnaMagic reached out to me, I was thrilled.


I used regular acrylic paints for the different colors of the frame but I used MagnaMagic’s magnetic primer paint for the frame inserts. I figured the kids could post things and write stuff on it as opposed of having actual pictures. Plus the divider will act as a way of closing off one of those eyesores.


My honest opinion of the paint is it’s definitely great quality. I could tell because I used cheap acrylics to paint the frame and had a difficult time having a decent coat when using some colors. However the magnetic chalkboard paint was rich and creamy. It almost has a clay like texture when going on if that makes sense. It coated the areas very easily and thick. I could tell when I used less of the primer paint, because some of the magnets didn’t stick to those but majority of them stuck. I guess I would suggest ensuring you use the exact same coats on all surfaces. Also the paint did not have much of a stench at all. I didn’t even need to open the door to keep the room ventilated (though I did just to be on the safe side). The paints are low odor and non-toxic and completely safe for kids.


I still have a lot of paint leftover and plan to show u another project with it later on. It’s for my own home and I feel my idea is so clever so I can’t wait to share that one soon. In the mean time, check out their DIY project gallery of cool ideas. I really like the faux headboard and bulletin board ideas.
of cool ideas. I really like the faux headboard and bulletin board ideas.

I recieved a complimentary can of MagnaMagic magnetic chalkboard paint but all opinions are honest. I will continue to support this brand especially because it was made here in he U.S. Thank you for supporting brands that help me run this blog.

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10 ways to Brighten Up Any Dark Space

Open Your Home To Light – 10 Ways to Brighten Up Any Dark Space

Most homes have a dark nook or two- under-utilized and ignored areas that can provide opportunities for creative design. Here are 10 ideas you can try to convert your dark space into your favorite spot in the house.  

One:  Natural light in the kitchen is essential. After all, when your recipe calls for basil Chiffonade, you want to clearly see where your butcher’s knife ends and your fingers begin. The tri-window over this kitchen sink allows plenty of natural light into the room. It also affords a lovely view of the back garden.  

Photo courtesy: Case Design/Remodeling Indianapolis

Two:  Layering your lighting has design appeal and removes dark spots from any room. In this kitchen, the natural light is available only from the other side of the room.  Bringing in a variety of other forms of lighting including recessed, pendant, interior cabinet, and under cabinet keeps this kitchen out of the shadows.      

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Remember when…I blogged about this marble backdrop behind this chrome tub?


It was an indulge daily. Well, here is the rest of the Aspen home featured in Architectural Digest. That room has an amazing view. I wouldn’t mind looking out at something so breathtaking daily. See more rooms with views here. … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Tips: Convert an attic into a home theater…

A lot of people feel like they need to shell out a ton of money to have a home theater system. Yeah, maybe for the sound system and padding of walls for sound proofing but you can always take an unused area of the home, create a dark room with paint and fabric selection, wall sconces for ambient lighting and a huge plasma and call it a day. You also don’t need theater seats. I like the idea of comfortable sectionals or sofas and ottomans.  Try selecting ones that have more depth so that you can really lounge. My favorite look like this is Mariah Carey’s sofas in her “media” room during the MTV crib’s era. They SCREAM relax and comfort. Giant bean bags and floor pillows also creates a cozy space. Recliner chairs are cool but a sectional with a chaise lounge on the end to me, is the better option because you can truly lay the way you want. Here are my picks for some neat media rooms ideas and seating…

This deep blue sea teal hued curved sofa looks especially comfortable. The microfiber fabric is an excellent choice for kids and it’s soft on the skin. Now you can’t tell me this doesn’t look more relaxing than movie theater chairs…

or you can do a combination of the two, regular sofas and theater seats. Love the combination of leather and velvet seating…

Large ottomans are great especially you have ones that have secret lids for storage of pillows and blankets. Use them as surface space with trays or prop your feet up to relax…

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So a couple wks ago I was watching HGTV…

The whole show was about people who wanted rental income from their basements. Thing is, they all needed a ton of remodeling and brought up to code. This particular basement (pics taken of the tv by me) really proved how nice and functional a small square footage can look. This can very well work for people who need in law suites…

This wall creates division from the kitchen to the living area but the window gives it more of an open feeling which is good for smaller areas…

 I believe using floating shelves instead of bulky entertainment towers gives the illusion of more space because it doesn’t take up any floor room. Floating shelves make things seem more open than a bookcase. Instead of having an additional sofa, they opted to use the space for a small home office area which is smart as it creates a multi-purpose room. Concerned about lack of seating? Get a coffee table with legs so you can easily push ottomans or floor pillows under. Easy access when entertaining and the need for more seating…

Love the blinds to divide the open space and give a sense of privacy for the bedroom. HERE are other ideas to divide an open floor plan…

When you’re doing such a small area of space, dont skimp on materials. It won’t cost you much anyway. Not a lot of cabinets? Floating shelves in the kitch helps, you just have to be very neat…

Great use of space in attics with sloped ceilings…

{Net Vibes}

This is an excellent use of an awkward sloped attic. Using low bookshelves for shoes and accessories and one rod for clothing turns, what probably would have been a junk room, into a fabulous dressing room. The metallic WALLPAPER really sets this room off…


Here’s another room that appears to be an attic. Every inch of the room’s square footage is utilized. You have two separate conversation areas. Using a sectional can easily create this in your home.  There is shelving on the sides for tv viewing, an office desk area and even a popcorn maker/refreshment area…perfect for entertaining. Keep this type of layout in mind when converting a basement into apartment styled living for tenants or for your own attic space. It may be narrow but it’s about purchasing pieces to scale with the room to make it functional. Think about what you want the space for: to study, to work on projects and crafts, reading or just a sanctuary to get away from the rest of the family. Then create a floor plan that allows you to easily move around the areas. Design it in a way you would design the main part of your home. Use wallpapers, paint, adequate lighting to give it character & brighten it up. You then will have additional living space vs an unused room.


Candy Cane colored Holiday Decor & Interiors…

Tis’ the Season. It’s in full swing now with the hustle & bustle of the holiday shopping. I came across some neat red & white holiday interiors, a red & white Xmas wedding & red & white interior designs. Indulge…

Usually I’m not a fan of white and red for weddings. But I really like the way this was styled.

This could be perfect for a holiday party.

I love how they didn’t stop the tablescape decor at eye level & brought the attention to the ceiling decor.

Color Connection: Tropical Ocean Water Hues…

My first design----college apartment bedroom contemporary bedroom
Aqua/Turquoise has been one of my favorite colors for summer ever since I 19. It was never my favorite color but it came at a close 3rd behind black & purple. I found the above pic over on from user SugarDesign. This was her first project and I think she did a fabulous job. One way to add color to apartment walls when you’re not allowed to paint is hanging window treatments from a rod, even when there isn’t a window. Here, she did just that & went a step further by hanging mirrors over it. Toss pillows are a cheap and effective way to add spark to a space & the fabric choices and embellishments really add glam. The color combo of aqua w/chocolate is all the rage right now so it shouldn’t be difficult to accessorize a space like this.
Ice Mocha Living Room modern living room
I love love love sticks in vases. You hear me? LOVE. So dramatic & simple and anyone can do it. Also if you’ve been following me since the start of this blog you will see another trend that I adore. ZEBRA!!!!!!! *swoon* I swear to you I really don’t try to find zebra, I just stumble across it. I’m sure the other zebra patterned lovers don’t mind ;-) & I’ll continue to hold you all down, lol. Looking at that pic makes me miss the chocolate wall I had in my previous apartment.
Whittier Drive modern bedroom
I need this rug in my life. It’s just calling me to throw some pillows down with a bunch of fashion magazines & indulge. I especially love what they did with the ceiling and wall treatment. It’s like a continuous headboard as seen before in this post. While I’m needing things….let me put dibs on this über fabulous tufted chaise lounge.

*fist pump* First black is my favorite color & this here, is giving me everything. How unique is this honeycomb floor pattern? If that isn’t bold enough, check out the black ceilings!! Too fabulous. You ever go in shopping stores in the mall or even some restaurants where the ceiling and all its beams, pipes and ugliness is exposed? Well when it’s painted black it goes unnoticed.

Whats Been Up…

Hey y’all…Sorry for the delay. My week started with a strange cold. I had flu-like symptoms minus coughing & sneezing and end up leaving my 8-5 and calling in the following morning, something I rarely do. On top of that, I’ve been very busy. A friend of the family has a daughter who is getting married and they are seeking my “designpertise” (AYE, I’ve never heard that phrase before so if you steal it, give credit, LOL). Now, I’ve never done any major event with the exception of my cousin’s anniversary party which I talked about here . For that I did the head table decor with rose balls & tons of rose petals & candles

Rose balls I created for my cousin’s annvrsy party

my roseball creations

the table with the wishing well tree & framed seating charts.

wishing well tree I created

For this wedding? I’m required to do the outside entry, outside courtyard/tent area, inside lobby, candy buffet (if u don’t know what that is see ….), 16 cabaret tables, the table linen, chair covers & sashes & centerpieces with real flowers all visually pleasing for 390 guests. *wipes sweat from forehead* I’m nervous as I’m a 1 woman show but I’m very excited. Also thankful. The client said she loved what I done with my parents rec room and the anniversary party and she’s confident I will execute her daughters wishes….and THAT I will do. The wedding is April 30th so for the next 5 or so months, that will be my “baby”.

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