Tuesday’s Tips: paint your counters to look like granite for under $70


I am not sponsored by Giani Granite but saw first hand how well a painted counter can be transformed with one of their kits. My cousins are in the process of updating their kitchen. One day I went there to see the new backsplash above and thought “oh yall got granite too” then my cousin’s husband broke it down for me. Showed me the technique, how simple it was with the sponges etc and how he even created veins to make the countwr look like real granite stone. I was beyond impressed. But when he told me the price, I was floored. You mean to tell me….with a little patience & time over a weekend one can update basic laminate for under 100 bucks? No more excuses for crappy counters.

You’re welcome. ;-)


Above are some color kits and what they can create. The emerald almost looks like malachite.

Reader Show-Off: Nikki fr L.A. gives us the breakdown on creating glossy lacquered painted floors…

I absolutely love getting emails from readers who have design questions or want to show me something they think I’ll like. Case in point: Nikki from L.A. who first wanted suggestions on what to do with their floor after carpeting was pulled up. Here is the result….

As told by Nikki…

Here are some pictures of our project. Your website is so inspirational, as you can see that my husband and I were willing to work very hard. The inspiration drove us to complete this project, which gave me muscles where I did not know there were. Ha.

Here is the picture of the finished floor in the dining room. We are moving to the living room now and wanted to send you our process:

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