Pretty office supplies from Effie’s Paper


I don’t even remember how I stumbled on her site but I believe it may have been something I read in a magazine. Enter Effie’s Paper…


You’re bound to find some beautiful stationary, Scandal quoted pencils and more on Effie’s Paper. I even used some other pencils in this black and gold design before. No this isn’t a sponsored post I just think her product selection is fun to jazz up any boring desk supplies.

{Top image via The Everygirl}

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Just a few black and gold interior collages…


I played around and created a couple designs in the black, gold and white color scheme. I love when fireplaces are the focal point and seating doesn’t obstruct the view…

I like office desk chairs that aren’t typical desk chairs (that desk is beyond gorgeous). I found those Scandal inspired pencils on Effie’s Paper. Which set do you like?

Tuesday’s Tips: quick cleanup can lead to less stress


I was reading one of my favorite sites Clutch Mag and came across an article about how untidy homes can have an effect on your well being and cause stress. The results of cleaning, even as little as 20 minutes, can make you calmer as you won’t have the cluttered viewpoints that may keep you anxious.


You ever feel extremely tired but can’t quite go to bed because you think of all the things you need to do? It’s similar to that. I know if my living room coffee table gets cluttered with drinking glasses, mail and magazines, I won’t be able to enjoy the tv show I’m watching. So I usually take a few minutes to tidy up as much as I can. Even if you are short on time, having decorative baskets and ottomans with lids are great ways to do a quick sweep over by dumping random things in it. At a later time you can then go thru the items and organize. At least momentarily it will look neater. So give it a try one night before. As quickly as you gather as much as you can and hide it in a bin or basket. Guranteed you will sleep & feel better.

{Products for ottomans & baskets}


The many uses of a side table…

Side tables are an incredibly practical accessory that aren’t used enough in interior design plans. In order to illustrate the versatility of the side table, we will be looking at the various uses of them throughout the home.


The Lounge

The lounge is perhaps the most obvious place to feature a side table. Many people sit them at the side of their couches to provide a base for table lamps and a place of rest for warming mugs of coco on an evening. While this is an undeniably practical use, why not consider your side table as a piece of art too?

Retailers of modern furniture , like Vita Interiors, have a great range of statement side tables. This interesting pyramid piece provides a modern twist on a standard design, while keeping practicality intact. It is sure to become a talking point in your living room, admired by all who visit.

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