An update to my home….


If you follow along on instagram, you may have noticed my console table area has gotten a new look. See the before here. It starting feeling cluttered and I wanted to find ways to simplify the look. My bar cart is near there so I didn’t want two surfaces with a lot of stuff on them. When I purchased the abstract skyline piece from AtHome, I decided to move around some of the decor and remove some photos from the wall. I think the look now feels fresh.


Here is a view that gives you an idea of the height of the ceiling slope. When you have high ceilings, you want to ensure you purchase large scale artwork to fill up some space…





I am happy with the way it turned out.

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Sunday Indulgences…

Sundays is a day of relaxation & chores for me. One of the things I consistently do & revise over & over are task lists & goals. Mackenzie of Design Darling has a list of things she wants to do within a certain time frame. Fun things that you typically see on bucket lists. It has me thinking of things I want to accomplish or try. Do you have a bucket list? I’d love to hear it…

Sundays are also reading day where I indulge in a ton of magazines & attempt to get my dvr percentage down. So besides a quick trip to the mall, that’s how I plan to spend the day. What about you?

My Random Indulgences pt 1…

Outside the interior design world, this is what I currently indulge in. Feel free to let me know some of yours {In No Particular Order}

I indulge in Ben & Jerrys Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream. This is by far the best ice cream of all time *kanye west voice*. I usually keep it on deck in my freezer at all times. The graham crackers in mixture is the most brilliant of all ice cream add ons, period.

I indulge in smell goods from candles to fragrances to body washes.


I indulge in fashion jewerly. I’m a fashion jewelry junkie. I love cocktail rings, big ridiculously large ones like the butterfly ring I have on above. I’m into layered necklaces, dangly earrings & bangles. I feel naked if I’m not wearing some fabulous jewels.

I indulge in fruity or sweet cocktails. Who doesn’t like having one or two after a long week of working? Give me Vodka & grapefruit juice & I’m good.

I indulge in travels & nice hotels. I’ve been to many places & states but haven’t yet ventured out the country. I like road trips when it’s not too long of a drive but love to fly though. One place I want to see is Dubai.

I live for thunderstorms in the summer. I will turn off all the lights, open up the patio doors, cut off the tv & listen. It’s so relaxing to me.

I indulge in music. I listen to r&b & rap for the most part. Chrisette Michele’s new cd stays on repeat. I can’t get enough of her music. She’s a true talent. Other cd’s heavily in my car’s deck is Fantasia’s latest & Plies’ new mixtape No Chaser.

DVR has got to be the best invention. I don’t know how I ever put a tape in a vcr back in the day & recorded hours worth of a channel just so I wouldn’t miss a show. My dvr stays on 90+ % at most times. Right now it’s down to 67%.

Wendy & Chelsea Lately are two shows I don’t miss. They both crack me up & HGTV (majority of the shows) are heavily recorded.

 Ask my coworkers, they know how much I love mayo (ever try it with sloppy joes? Don’t judge me). Not just mayo but any condiment. I have to have them. God forbid I forget to ask for honey mustard for my Mcdonald’s fries…