If I could change 1 thing about this living room with lovely charm…


{Interior Design by Ken Fulk via Domaine Home} 

I like this room. I like the warm ivory tones and aqua’s and the pink pillows. I like the windows or doors (can’t tell) on opposite sides of the space that probably has some amazing cross breezes when opened. I love that the fireplace is the focal point and not obstructed with anything. The wingback chairs are great for sitting prim and proper but those deep sofas look so comfortable to lounge on with a stack of magazines. The bones of the room, the fireplace, the arches, and the beams are wonderful but if I could change one thing……..it would be the canary yellow ceiling. I’m not a huge huge fan of yellow and I prefer a more mustard hue if I had to pick. But the yellow just irks me. I’d rather a pale pink or something but that. What would you change or is it perfect as is?

If I could change 1 thing about this monochrome living room


I love the walls and molding details. The curtains are romantic and dreamy. I pretty much like this space except….I would change the seating. I don’t like the slipcovered look and would rather see a creamy tufted chesterfield sofa with two modern sleek armless chairs  anchoring the couch. What would you change?

{Designed by Stephen Sills photography by François Halard for Architectural Digest}

If I could change 1 thing…about this dining room…


{ Codo a Codo Arquitectura}

When I saw this dining room I immediately thought how much I like the bones. The loft feel and sloped ceilings makes for a very interesting dining space but it comes crashing down with the random vases sporadically spread on the table. I don’t even like the tablecloth. But if I had to pick one thing, it would be the centerpieces. They’re too large and disrupts conversation by causing an obstructed view and….I just don’t like them. What would you change?

If I could change 1 thing in this dining room..


What a nice space…..


Until you look above. WHAT IS THAT? That lighting choice which closely resembles popcorn is so heavy and distracting and I’m being nice. I think I will soon twerk this series by adding what I would have liked to see because this.is.not.it. I am all for elements of surprise but come on. Meanwhile, those chairs are quite awesome. What would you change?

If I could change 1 Thing about this living room…



You ever see a room you love but there’s one thing that irks your soul or something you don’t favor? Well usually I won’t blog about a room I dislike. I use this blog to compile all ideas I do enjoy and if a space isn’t my aesthetic, I may pinpoint what I DO like but I try not to be negative and slam anyone’s design if I dislike because design is subjective. There are times I see a room and won’t blog about it because I am sick of sea urchins in decor. But the room is too fab not to…so I decided on a new series “If I could change 1 thing”….

With that said, this room is nice. Love the pillows and how the turquoise compliments the leopard. What I would change? The rug. I am down for mixing patterns but with the sofa, rug and art…I feel it’s too much competing for attention. I like them separate but not together so I would keep the art and sofa & opt for a rug with more of a subtle design. What would you change?