Design Inquiries: Where can I find the champaign colored sequin tablecloth….


I first blogged about the above pic in this post. Zoe, who is planning her wedding and looking for a sequin tablecloth has asked me where to locate the one above. After aome searching, I found the whole wedding on … Continue reading

Design Inquiries: where can I get that Moroccan Trellis rug?


Lynn who is in the process of renovating, has a rug left on her purchase list. She was inspired by the rug above from this post. So since Furbish no longer has it in stock, I rounded up the following…

Click here to see where to shop & prices…

Now often times the right rug isnt’t the right size. If it’s going under the bed, try this design tip: Don’t feel inclined to get the biggest rug so that several feet can skirt beyond the bed. For what? No one is going to see it as the bed is on top. Buy 2 or 3 smaller rugs, simply pushing it under the bed just enough to give the illusion of a bigger rug. You won’t have the square footage of a huge rug but it’ll save you money. Happy shopping Lynn.

Design Inquiries: is it pinstripe wallpaper or painted?


I received an email from a woman who is looking for a way to make her barbershop stand out. Now I found the sources of the images above from past masculine posts but the article made no comment on the walls. The other was from a designer’s portfolio. So I rounded up a few more pinstripe inspirations, wallpaper sources & ways to create the look with paint…


Something masculine & rustic with a bit of glam….


The wallpaper above is charles newhaven. Sidenote, I love how they staged this. That chair & table is pretty fab…


Here are some instructions on painting pinstripes on a wall…


Such a tailored look. It’s not trendy but timeless…

Eclectic Entry design by Chicago Interior Designer Sean Michael Design

Two different finishes of paint were used to get the look above. You can apply the same technique to a thinner stripe. I blogged about it once before in my subtle stripes posts.

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Design Inquiries: Where to get vinyl records as seen on the Rock Glam themed shindig post


Andrea loved the rock n roll themed party I blogged about and wanted to know where to purchase 12″ ones (not 45s that were used for that party, purchased on ebay). I went to the original source and browsed other parties that used records and found majority of the people scoured thrift & cosignment stores, goodwills & yard sales. I told her to peer into Craigslist as they have local rummage sale postings and most people say exactly what they’re selling. She may get lucky that way. Also to check ebay and etsy and maybe even record stores. If you’re okay with faux albums, party supply stores are huge with rock n roll & 80s themed decor. If all fails, ask an older relative who played records in their day. You never know what stash is in someone’s basement or garage. Hope this helps!

** if you have any design related questions, feel free to send me an email. Yours may appear here. See past Design Inquiries**

Design Inquiries: What’s the name of the paint color on this exterior chevron door?


I noticed this door has been repinned so many times from my blog when I posted about entrances. A reader by the name of Joy wanted to know the color and after finding the originating source on This Old House, I see Home Depot’s Behr brand in “Cool Jazz” is the hue.

Design Inquiries: Where can I get the wallpaper in the attic closet post?


Back in December I received an email From Alex of New York who has an older home and would like to make an attic closet similar to this post. Unfortunately my searches yielded no results on the specific wallpaper. However the design was metallic, floral and reminded me of Chinoiserie. SO I figured I’d give a ton of examples of other interiors with Chinoiserie designs.

{Desire to Inspire}

This is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. The metallic sheen and subtle monochromatic colors doesn’t make this too IN YOUR FACE. It’s perfect to give pop to an entryway.

{Little Green Notebook}

So magical for a girl’s bedroom. It’s like it tells a story…


{Holiday Boutique}

I like how they also painted the ceiling and didn’t forget that it’s indeed a fifth wall.

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Design Inquiries: Need French Window Treatment Inspiration…

French Inspired Girls Room

This is a new series on my blog where I’ll highlight a question one of my readers sends through email or via twitter. Someone hit me up about french window inspired curtains for a little girls room. I totally think roman shades would be best. French designs are very heavy in textiles and a lot of tassles and ornate detailed valances. I think roman shades adds the billowy effect but still stays soft enough for a child’s room without being too formal. Click Here for more examples.

Sidenote: I put the pic of the girl’s room with the framed headboard because I felt that was a cool way to confine an inspiration board and girls and tweens love their beiber & mindless behavior posters and photos of friends. Ornate french frames spray painted in gold would achieve this look. Also if you don’t get roman curtains, use tassles and ways to make regular panels billowy. Here’s a Design Tip….place newspaper balls inside drapery panels so when you have them pulled back, it creates a puffy visual. My bride client’s mother did that trick in her home. I never would have known had she not told me.

If you have a design question, send me an email. Keep in mind I work two jobs so give me a little while to reply. :-)