Repurposing a plate shelf for perfume bottles…


Genius idea. What is your signature scent of choice? Mine is a combo of two “smell good” sprays from Vickies Secret (Victoria). I love smell goods from bath products, deorderant, face washes to home fragrances, candles, diffusers (still salty Pier 1 no longer sells the orange vanilla diffuser…that had my entire apt smelling magnificent). There is something so glam & feminine about pretty perfume bottles & displaying them in a fab way…






Or you can learn the tutorial on mirrored cake stands which would be pretty for jewelry or perfurme…

{Images via the Glamourai, The Glitter Guide, This is Glamorous & Dazzle & Sparkle}

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2 thoughts on “Repurposing a plate shelf for perfume bottles…

  1. I feel the exact same way . I love the smells of all the things you spoke about . I can spend an hour on the air fresheners and candle isle in the grocery store . My favorite scent from victoria’s secret is ,Incredible . But I can not live without my Chanel ! My mother always wore Chanel , and to me its the absolute best . I love all the pics.

    • Chanel # 5 is my winter signature. There are certain scents that are like during certain seasons. Dont get me started on pier 1’s smell good area. Or world market. My entire apt has vanilla based scents in every room. Tahitian vanilla candles in the bathroom from world market is so yummy!!

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