Allow Me to Introduce You To: Karen Young of Hammocks & High Tea

This week’s guest blogger comes from Karen Young, the entreprenuer whose grandmother inspired her collection of vibrant hued, eco friendly, global print textiles in the form of bags, scarves, table linen & more. If that isn’t fab enough, she’s going to be featured in this months Elle Magazine. Keep reading to find out more behind this talented lady…

Name: Karen Young

City: Brooklyn , NY

Profession: textile designer/creative director

Link (to site or blog):

What’s a typical day in the life like for you?


I get up at 7am, check email in bed (so bad I know), breakfast and ready by 9am. Between 9 and 12pm I catch up on orders, pack & ship. If it’s a heavy production time, I’m running around the garment district in the afternoon between my factory, the leather smith, and suppliers, thank goodness they are within block of each other..

If it’s a great day I can fit in some time for yoga, I’m working on how to do that daily. The day is peppered with lots of email responses, lots of time spent on the train and I’m usually drinking my lunch (the juice kind, not the gin kind J) and I attempt to wind down by the end of the night for at least a few hours before I do it all again tomorrow.

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Before you put that house on the market, Check out these home staging & resale value tips


 Today I’m having Julianna Lundblad of Elliman Real Estate share some of her expertise knowledge on resale tips. I also added a few images with additional staging tips.

 Submitted by Elliman Real Estate: Featuring NYC apartments for rent. Written by Julianna Lundblad (@juliannanyc)

If you’re thinking of putting your house or condo on the market, there is a huge checklist of tasks to worry about before you can close the deal. Between listing it for the right price to showcasing the property with some clever staging, the process of selling can seem overwhelming. By following some tricks of the trade, you can have your property off the listings in record time.
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Puppy beds don’t have to be basic…


Flip a table upside down and create a dog bed with bed posts. How cute is this idea? It’s a neat way to not only REPURPOSE a table, but you can easily find one for the low rummaging and thrifting. All it takes is a little bit of paint to transform the look for your canine or feline. Stuff it with comfy cushions and viola.

Can you spot the common denominator? Find the item that’s in both interiors…

For the 2nd round of this new series, I have two pairs of interiors for you to search. Click HERE to see the last one.

{Image via Coco Kelley}

{House Beautiful}

Or what about these interiors…
{Tory Burch}
See below for the answers….
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Making the best of eyesores: Painting radiators…

So I hate radiators. I always have a fear I’ll burn my hand but lately I’ve been seeing some interiors where they’ve been making the best with the unsightly necessity. Paint truly does wonders as you can see from these rooms. Instead of using covers, they decided to play them up. What do you think?

Okay It’s very dark but for whatever reason I love these two pics above. The gunmetal hued radiators, BLACK FLOORS, GOLD WALLS, splashes of fuchsia, ornate screens, shutters, COWHIDE and a ginormous mirror leaned up against the wall. Another angle of the room can be seen HERE in the post I did about interior swings…


Another angle of this room can be seen HERE in the post about writings on the wall…

{Images via Desire to Inspire}

Tuesday’s Tips: Struggle to hang that photo? Try this…

While watching HGTV’s the High Low Project, Sabrina Soto came up with a great tip for hanging art. You know how sometimes they have that wire on the back and it’s so far down the frame that it’s difficult to “guestimate” where to put the nail? Well try this…

Put a nail through a paint mixer…

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