Metallic Colored Holiday Decor…

 I love shells & starfish (have those natural elements in my bathroom) but I’ve never seen it used for holiday decor. I thought this was rather unexpected.  Here are some eye candy holiday decor indulgences…

 is a simple version of a tree. Not everyone is into spreading branches or the upkeep of a real tree but if you still want to get in the holiday spirit, buy a tabletop one. Getting one in a metallic color is visually more interesting than a smaller green tree.

I love the reindeer on the side of the tree.


I’ve talked about this before but hanging ornaments from ribbon in varying heights is a simple yet fun way to frame out a window, entryway or fireplace mantle.
Click for Tons of Inspiration..


My eye is first drawn to the beautifully decorated gifts. The gold foilage is another alternative to ribbon.


Ahh…I want a fireplace so bad.

Mardi Gras beads can be put to good use even for the holidays!!! ;-)

pottery barn

u know how I feel about branches (just click on ‘branches’ in the TAGS section) so I swooned over this. It doesn’t take a ton of effort to create something worthy of being a focal point. If you look in the background, the mantle is done nicely with different size candles.

Kick up the holiday decor a notch by adding slip covers & toss pillows in the color scheme of your tree.

Another example of how slipcovers can work to keep the space cohesive.

Another example using starfish & pearls strands. I just love ornaments & baubles placed in bowls, jars & cupcake tiers.

Bright Bazaar

I love these hand made details.
Bright Bazaar

Using mirrored pieces along with newsprint & metallic paper was a clever idea.

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