Stix and Stones…Decorating w/Tree Branches…


Tree Branches have become all the rage over the last couple years. You see them for wedding receptions during the holidays when couples want to create something magical & winter wonderlandish. You see them during the fall months when tablescapes are lined up with branches & faux leaves. A new trend is the wishing well tree, something I created for my cousin’s 10th anniversary party this past July. A wishing well tree is basically another form of a guestbook except instead of signing a book, people write notes on pieces of paper and hang the notes on the branches as a keepsake for the couple. Wishing well trees aren’t limited to weddings and anniversary parties, you can also have them for showers (bridal, wedding, baby) or even birthday parties. How about a get well wishing tree for someone battling an illness who’s stuck in a hospital room? Your entire family could write notes sure to lift the loved ones spirits and leave a little bit of “décor eye candy” for their room. The possibilities are endless.

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Dessert and Candy Buffets…


I am in the process of planning my sister in law’s baby shower. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is a candy bar. And it’s funny because I’m not really a huge candy eater, more chocolate if anything. It’s just something about having a bunch of sweets i n one setting that brings out the inner kid in people. Perfect for weddings, showers or birthday parties. What better way than to send your guests off with an edible favor. These buffets are all the rage right now & I’ve come across many gorgeous tablescape arrangements. So don’t catch a cavity while indulging in these pics.

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Monochromatic Doesn’t Have to be Boring…


Monochromatic color schemes. The usage of one color in different shades and hues. In order to successfully achieve this look, you need to have a multitude of textures. I adore the bark & natural elements in the above room. The random all white ceramics is also a nice touch to the bookshelf. I plan to do a post about that in the future. It’s something inexpensive and typically the pottery pieces are things you already have at home that can be painted (or at the very least, someone’s grandma has plenty). 

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Not Your Typical Store Bought Invitation…

I love any reason to have a get to gether, party or just be in the company of loved ones. Sometimes I’ll browse just to see all the endless party themes one can host. Although I’m very much the texting kind of girl (barely converse on the phone anymore) & I understand the convenience and cost factor behind using evites, sometimes it’s nice to receive a physical invitation in the mail. Check out some of these designs……


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Peacock Inspired…

I created this collage on

I love jeweled tone colors and I especially love how peacock feathers and the color scheme is all the rage right now. One thing about the feather wreath in the above pic, if you’re not fond of hanging it on the wall, you could very well place it on a coffee table or dining table & place candles in the center. From events to interiors, here are some bird inspired designs. Indulge…

This is absolutely fabulous. Feathers are a cheaper alternative to real floral arrangements but they create the same major impact!! The above centerpiece also gives me mardi gras vibes. Just toss some beads on the table and this could easily convert into a fat tuesday celebration.
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Typically when we hear the word “repurposing” we immediately think about revamped furniture, pieces that were brought back to life via paint, upholstery, new hardware, etc. However repurposing can have a literal meaning as well. Ever come across an item that’s intended for one thing but you may find a new PURPOSE for it? 

Today at the hair salon this morning, my conversation w/my beautician drifted to design stuff. I’ve always noticed this cabinet but never inquired about it. So after finding out she bought it as is (I just KNEW she painted it & added new glitzy doorknobs :) ), she explained it was meant for a bathroom! She purchased it from Marshalls when in search for something that would house her hair magazines & various hair products. When she didn’t find what she wanted in the home decor area, she stumbled upon this in the bathroom section. Go figure!! Here are a few other examples of things that can double as something else!




Often thought of as a way of dressing up the dining rooms & foyers only, nowadays designers & home owners are adding these light fixtures to jazz up other spaces from vanity areas, over the tub in bathroom suites, bedrooms and even master closets. What girly girl wouldn’t want this?

Click to read more & get a ton of ideas to make usage of what you already have.

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Things 2 Come…

  • E-Design: ppl who submit photos of rooms they need help with will get a virtual design consultation which includes a sketch & notes of what to add to the space etc
  • Fashion Inspiration: showing how to take some of the latest trends and incorporating them into your home interior
  • Look 4 Less: bringing you high quality and high design while giving you bang 4 your buck

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Purple Rain


taken from

Purple…it’s my 2nd favorite color next to black. It’s royal, it’s rich & needless to say, as I type this entry I have Prince in my head. :-)  While at my 8-5 today, I overheard a conversation my coworker’s were having about their fondness of the color but not wanting to use it in their own space for fear of seeming too childish. I can see how one may make that connection however when done correctly, the color can enrich a space. One thing about designing, you should carry a certain element through out the space. The above pic uses the damask print on the walls as well as pillows.  The chrome & mirrored accents really set it off.

taken from trendszine

I adore how the designer did the walls on this above pic.  It’s probably wallpaper but its great in my eyes. I’m not a huge fan of stripes but I would luv this in my apt somewhere. If you’re on the wimpy side and not quite ready to make a bold statement such as purchasing a sofa or painting a wall, you can always add purple accents in decor.

taken from

Bits and pieces like vases, flowers, book ends, and pillows are easy ways to give a room a pop of color. 

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Closet Turned Office Spaces

Closet Desk Offices
So often times many of us start off on our own in apartments or dorm rooms. As we all know, most lack a lot of floor room and storage. So we need to try to maximize the space we DO have as much as possible.  It takes a bit of thinking outside the box but converting an unused closet into an office area is a great idea.
Basically u remove the rods that you have inside, unhinge the doors and insert a physical desk or add the shelving. Pull up a chair, add a pendent light or desk lamp and there you have it.
Make Use of ALL Space
If you plan to have the area visible at all times from the room, consider adding pretty wallpaper or painting the wall so that the shelving and items on them pop. The above pic is a bit country for my taste but a mocha colored wall w/black shelves, a black desk/chair & white baskets & accessories w/silver accents would be a nice modern approach.  But notice how they utilized all of the space including the backs of the doors to hang crafting supplies & tools, paperwork etc.